How long does a coil last?

  • 1 to 3 weeks depending on usage.


How do I change the coil?

  • Remove the bottom of the tank and unscrew old coil.  Replace with new coil.


How long does the battery stay charged?

  • Battery life varies by kit and an individual's usage.


When should I change my coil?

  1. Change your coil any time you change E-Juice flavors in order to get true flavor.
  2. Change the coil any time the tank is leaking.
  3. Change the coil when the unit stops producing a lot of vape.
  4. Change the coil if the E-Juice tastes burnt.


Why is a replaceable battery better than an internal battery?

  • All batteries eventually go bad.  With a replaceable battery, you only need to replace the battery instead of buying a whole new kit.


What level of nicotine should I use?

  • In a sub tank, it is recommended to use 6mg nicotine or less.  6mg is for a heavy smoker.  3mg is for a person who smokes approximately one pack a day.


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